My Photography Part II

During this past week, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Georgia. Whilst there, I took photos. Get excited about a second photography blog. I visited various places and met amazing people. First off, let me tell you how much I appreciate smog, particularly, in cities. Reason being, they hide how high the buildings reach,... Continue Reading →

You’re Not Old

A lot of times, we may catch ourselves feeling or saying that we are old. But, we’re not, really. In the United States, there are some milestones that come with age. When you turn 18, you’re an adult, able to vote, and no longer need parental consent. This newfound freedom kind of gets to people’s... Continue Reading →

Why People and Pools are Shallow

I was always taught, treat others with respect. Seems simple. But, not everyone practices it. We live in a shallow society. Wherever you live. It's easy for people to look at someone and not think twice about making a comment on how they appear. I witnessed this just recently. Someone made a rude remark about... Continue Reading →

My Photography

When I take photos, my finger is literally glued to the shutter button. When I would hear photographers say, it takes a thousand photos to get one decent photo, I thought, I don’t think my camera has that much storage. To an extent, it is true. Not the storage part. I think that it has... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Go to the Gym

I know. Jasmine, the gym has so many benefits. You stay fit, stay active, meet new people, etc., etc. You shouldn’t go to the gym if you are vulnerable to comparison. Let me explain. Living in a college town it’s obvious when people are comparing themselves. There is this competition that consumes your life and... Continue Reading →

Acai Bowls | SOHO Juice Co.

My first impression of acai bowls was that it was an L.A. thing. You know, some hipster trend that became popular when gym and yoga goers started barring them in their hands. I decided to give acai bowls a try because who wouldn't want to spend $11.99 on chopped fruit that you can easily prepare... Continue Reading →

Tips for Resumes

Before you click away because facing the professional world is dangerous, I have some questions for you: Do you have a resume? Have you gotten it reviewed? If you said no to one of these questions, then, this may help you. A resume is the Sparknotes to who you are. Generally, resumes get 15-30 seconds... Continue Reading →

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