Road Trips

Road trips: one of the easiest ways to avoid airlines and their hidden fees. I have to pay $30 because my luggage is 0.4 lbs over the limit? Yes. (cries in corner, but, don't worry, the flight has been delayed 2 hours so you still have time) Whether you are crossing states or entering different... Continue Reading →


When you think of potential, you may think mass x gravity x height. That's if you love physics of course. Sorry, wrong blog post. It's safe to say that a lot of people realize potential in others more than they do themselves. Things like reach for the stars or you can be anything in the... Continue Reading →

This Day and Age

People claim that millennials are technology ridden individuals with nothing better to do than take photos of their food. Ouch. I will agree that technology has influenced millennials and all generations to a certain extent. One way is obviously via social media. Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, are all just a few platforms where... Continue Reading →


I think a lot of times, people are shocked by betrayal. We think we know someone, but realize that they actually don't know us and how their actions and words would make us feel. Betrayal can feel like what people describe as a back stabbing moment, and, for some, it can come as a surprise.... Continue Reading →

Propelling Water

The sound water makes as it approaches is a lot like a propeller. Almost like soft static getting louder as it nears. It's interesting how different things can remind us of other things. Forces you to flashback to the time where you thought someone was someone else and you confidently said "hi" only to find... Continue Reading →


I think as you grow up, you will start to look at the people in your lives and see that some have your back and some don’t. For a lot of people, their main supporters may be their family and close friends, for some, they may try to encompass a lot of people. There are... Continue Reading →


Validation. At some point in our lives, we seek it. Validation has taken an interesting approach, particularly when it comes to trends and social media. All the fun things that people claim to avoid. If everyone is doing it, why shouldn't I? This really pushes the whole, do you want to be a follower your... Continue Reading →

Promises & Corn Flakes

At some point in our lives, we have all had someone promise us something and not follow through. And there we are. With no direction, no signal, no plan, nothing. We expected something that didn’t even happen, and that can suck. Then you start blaming yourself for having high hopes. Why? Because someone flaked out... Continue Reading →

My Photography Part II

During this past week, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Georgia. Whilst there, I took photos. Get excited about a second photography blog. I visited various places and met amazing people. First off, let me tell you how much I appreciate smog, particularly, in cities. Reason being, they hide how high the buildings reach,... Continue Reading →

You’re Not Old

A lot of times, we may catch ourselves feeling or saying that we are old. But, we’re not, really. In the United States, there are some milestones that come with age. When you turn 18, you’re an adult, able to vote, and no longer need parental consent. This newfound freedom kind of gets to people’s... Continue Reading →

Why People and Pools are Shallow

I was always taught, treat others with respect. Seems simple. But, not everyone practices it. We live in a shallow society. Wherever you live. It's easy for people to look at someone and not think twice about making a comment on how they appear. I witnessed this just recently. Someone made a rude remark about... Continue Reading →

My Photography

When I take photos, my finger is literally glued to the shutter button. When I would hear photographers say, it takes a thousand photos to get one decent photo, I thought, I don’t think my camera has that much storage. To an extent, it is true. Not the storage part. I think that it has... Continue Reading →

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