Volcano Arenal

When I was told that we were going to the Volcano Arenal, I imagined getting to the top and being close to the edge of the mouth of the volcano. Yeah, not exactly what I imagined. But, it was still a great experience. On the second day of arriving at the Volcano Arenal, my roommates, two other students, the program leader, and I decided to track up the side of the volcano to the viewpoint. I know. It sounds intense. It was. I made the mistake of deciding to hike up the volcano in jeans. Bad. Bad. Decision. The jeans were restricting which was not ideal when walking up the inclines. At the start of the trail, we realized that the heavy fog was obstructive. We saw a mom and her son walk down the path and tell us that they couldn’t really see anything at the viewpoint, but, when it was clearer, the view was amazing. Having already committed to this whole hiking plan, we decided to move forward. The incline was unlike anything I have walked on before. Our legs were burning so much that we would sometimes walk backwards to compensate. We passed some workers that were laying down pavement.

The program leader asked one of the workers how to get to the viewpoint. The directions essentially consisted of going past a certain point and turning right. Well, we missed that. We ended up taking a completely different direction that we didn’t realize was different until we started seeing people riding horses.

At this point, it was lightly raining and I was clutching my umbrella in the cold. The program leader asked a man riding a horse where the viewpoint was, and. It. Was. In. The. Opposite. Direction. No turning back though, we were already committed to this path which the man said would lead to a blue lagoon. At least we would see something. The mud was thick and rain was coming down. Keeping shoes clean here was not an option. We walked, walked, and walked some more until we got to the blue lagoon whose color was distinguishable from the fog. It was almost as if there was no separation between the sky and the water, which, was still a cool effect.

Even if we didn’t make it to the viewpoint, we still committed to the overall experience which is what really matters.

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