Days in Costa Rica

I’ve never had three roommates. So, when I was told that I would have three roommates in a house with already seven family members, I was like…how are we all going to fit? To say that Costa Rica has the best addresses is an interesting statement. 100 meters to the right of a mango tree isn’t exactly specific, but, it works. The Tica home I live in big. It may not exactly look like that from the outside, but, on the inside, there is enough room to fit us all. Everyday, we ate breakfast together and dinner together. Lunch was not included in the plan. For breakfast, we usually eat a bowl of assorted fruit including pineapple, mango, watermelon, grapes, and papaya. Then we would eat eggs. My roommate and I would both eat scrambled eggs and my other roommate would prefer hard boiled eggs. We would then take a banana to go and be on our way. Some days, we would have rice and beans or rice pancakes, but usually, it is fruit and eggs. My roommates and I would walk to school and occasionally see other students leaving their host homes. Although there was a small school bus that would come by in the neighborhood, it was not that reliable, so, we preferred walking. When we got to school, we would go straight to class. Class lasted four hours with a 30 minute break in between. During those 30 minutes, I would go this nearby French bakery and usually get a brownie and walk back to school. It was a nice break where I could just take a walk and get a quick snack. I would then go back to class. After class, I would somewhere to eat for lunch. I usually ate lunch by myself which was fine. I got to explore some local places and eat some delicious food. Afterwards, I would go to my second class. This class lasted for two hours. After class, I would go across the street to the school’s study space and work on any work that I needed to. Sometimes, I would go to Spanish tutoring which was very individualized. I would usually listen to music and work on my class notebook which consisted of writing down a takeaway from the class. Considering I love drawing, most of my entries were drawings, which would take time. I would also work on any presentations I had to. The school’s wifi was great. So, I took advantage of it considering the wifi in my host family’s home was not great at all. After that, depending on if the bus would come or not, I would walk home. A school guard on a motorcycle would sometimes follow me to make sure I was okay which I thought was very nice. Once I got home, I would relax or work on schoolwork until dinner time. For dinner, there would be a lot of rice, beans, salad, and either fish or beef. We would occasionally have plantains which were delicious and we would sometimes have soup. Interestingly enough, Costa Ricans don’t eat a lot of tortillas which is a great addition to any dish. After dinner, I would go back to my room and work on schoolwork. Those were how my days usually were.

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