Blog One

Hi. How are you? I know that this question may catch you by surprise. Hopefully you’ve played baseball before. My name is Jasmine. If you ever forget, just remember the Jasmine flower, rice, the movie Aladdin, and the name of some convenient stores. By now, you should have picked up on my style within a few sentences. A bit sarcastic, a bit funny. A bit about me, I have been writing since I could write. I love essays and writing poetry. The first, not being everyone’s favorite. Pretty sure I could convince otherwise via a persuasive essay. I have many interests. I am an artist, poet, dancer, singer, filmmaker, photographer, and calligrapher. Calligrapher- new word, huh? Someone who writes calligraphy. The reason why I started this blog is to share some of my interests and some of my experiences. I am not an expert in all of these areas, so don’t study or follow what I have written word-for-word (unless it’s directions on how to create an art project, of course). Enjoy my blog. Read to read. Learn to learn.

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