Monteverde 1

Let me start off by saying how my weekend went. I signed up to go to Monteverde with a tourism company located near my school. The packet included a hotel one night stay, breakfast, ziplining, and bungee jumping. On Saturday morning, I ate breakfast: a fruit bowl, scrambled eggs, and orange juice, and then headed to school where the tourism shuttle was waiting for us. We started to make the three and a half hour journey at 8:00 AM. Admittedly, I was tired. I took advantage of the University’s wifi and listened to “May I Have This Dance” by Francis and the Lights feat. Chance the Rapper. I left the browser screen open on my phone so that the already loaded song could play over and over again even when I lost wifi. After hearing the same song a couple of times, I changed it up and started listening to music already on my phone. Bastille. Nice. The bus ride was long, but the length was halted by a quick bathroom break. We stopped at this souvenir shop that also had a smoothie place. I got a medium smoothie with banana, strawberry, orange, and ice cream. A top notch decision. The smoothie reminded me of home. The citrus similar to an orange flavored ice cream I used to eat when oranges were in season. That sentence has oranges written three times. I’m aware. We continued on the bus ride. There were 17 students and the tourism employee with his son. With about 45 minutes remaining, we began riding on an unpaved road. The bumpy ride was adjoined with rocky cliffs and forest. I have seen this view so many times. There was this house we passed on the edge of the cliff with kids playing soccer. We continued on this unpaved road until it turned smooth once more and we arrived at the hotel. The hotel was definitely a tourist hotel, if the English signs didn’t make it obvious. We got off the bus and went to our rooms. Each room looked like a cabin with dim lighting and wood covering all four walls. The wooden walls were paper thin. Pun intended. The hotel rooms only had towels and bar hand soaps which was a bit disappointing. Always want those free shampoos and lotions. My room was facing the entry way, so everyone would pass my room to get to their rooms. It almost seemed like I was going to sell apple pies out of my room by the way the window just slide opened and was positioned facing everyone. After dropping off our stuff, my roommate and I walked to a souvenir shop which was appropriately priced. Trust me, I compare souvenir shop prices. I didn’t buy anything because I wanted to keep looking. By keeping looking, I mean food. Not bracelets. It was lunchtime. Two students from the program were eating on the curb. After asking about how the food was, I decided to take their verbal Yelp! review and eat at the same place. By eat at the same place, I mean buy. There was no place to sit down. I ordered through a window. What did I order? A recommended burger. I know. I wasn’t really wanting to eat this, but hey, it was cheap and got a good review. Oh, I also got fries. Can’t forget the fries. I ordered, payed at a nearby food place, and retuned to pick up my food. I sat down at the same food place where I had to take my written receipt and pay. The lunch was okay. I’m still thankful that I got to eat. I then followed it up with mint ice cream which was just the way I liked it: without ginormous chocolate chips. Yeah, I said WITHOUT. We walked up a small hill and saw a school. Wanting to see what the classrooms looked like, I just walked through the gates and walked down the hallway. My roommate was very hesitant to do this. But how do you do this? With confidence. I walked in with purpose, pass the office, outside the classrooms. I learned that the desks were shaped like the top of a rhombus and that there was no air conditioning. On the way back down the hill, there was this big warehouse in a gated property. They were playing music in English. We honestly didn’t know what the warehouse was. We thought possibly a church, a cultural center, a pool, and a recreation center. To find out, I simply walked through the open gate, down the small unpaved lawn and into the warehouse. There was a soccer game going on. But it was a soccer game with American children. I know. What? The kids were probably middle schoolers (on average, ages 11-13). The girls would group together in the center while the guys would try to get the ball. It seemed chaotic. There were two soccer balls at play sometimes. There were handballs. There was out of bounds without throwing the ball back in. It was just a game. We sat on the wooden bleachers and watched for a few minutes. Afterwards, we headed out. We stopped at this shop that had hand-crafted coconut necklaces and then another shop that had glasswork. Once at the hotel, we relaxed until it was time to leave. When the time arrived, we boarded a shuttle and went to 100% Aventura Tours. Once there, we gave the receptionist our belongings to place behind the counter. We were preparing to go ziplining.

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