Why You Shouldn’t Go to the Gym

I know. Jasmine, the gym has so many benefits. You stay fit, stay active, meet new people, etc., etc. You shouldn’t go to the gym if you are vulnerable to comparison. Let me explain. Living in a college town it’s obvious when people are comparing themselves. There is this competition that consumes your life and your actions that it seems difficult to not get pressured into #goals or I wish I was…

Gyms at universities is almost like carrying a mirror with you and making sure that you see yourself and a nearby person in the reflection. Who is benching more weights? Who is spending more time on the treadmill? Who is trying new exercises? And before you know it, you add more weight to your bar, run a bit longer, and Google the 100+ ways to do a squat.

Pointless. It seems. I know. I was recently running on the track at the gym I go to. I started running at a moderate pace because I wanted to run around the track multiple times without stopping a lot. I saw plenty of students pass me, some running a bit faster as they neared me, and some passed me multiple times. They only lasted running about 4 laps. But, I kept going. I didn’t let their actions affect my actions. I continued running even though I wasn’t the fastest by any means. Before I knew it, I had run 16 laps and walked 4 laps. I endured so much. Sometimes, you won’t be the best. You will realize that other people have other strengths or qualities that may get them ahead. Whether that be charisma or how much they pretend to offer the sky and moon. But, keep going. Endure. You will make it to your goal when you start focusing on yourself and stop worrying about what other people are doing. It’s easy to compare yourself. Heck, a lot of people do it at the gym I attend. But regardless if you’re running a track or trying to run your life, keep going. Don’t give up. Because it will pay off.

Also, go to the gym.

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