My Photography

When I take photos, my finger is literally glued to the shutter button. When I would hear photographers say, it takes a thousand photos to get one decent photo, I thought, I don’t think my camera has that much storage. To an extent, it is true. Not the storage part. I think that it has taken a thousand photos to become a bit more intentional with my photography. I take photos of people, places, and things that interest me, at angles that I find interesting. So, no, you probably won’t find me being the fourth person to take a photo of a red leaf in my hand saying #seasons.

These are some of my photos.

This scenery reminded me of buildings that would surround a baseball field. In the distance, buildings cluttered together in mixes of blues and beige. The colors are solid and the sky reflects that solidness as well.

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I was in an Uber when I took this photo. I saw this set of buildings that were all the same and leading the view to the left. It’s a bit ironic. Every building exactly the same, but with different people inside. The patterns I sometimes see in buildings is almost like seeing a tessellation. I also took this photo because of how the colors looked together. The hints of blue in every window almost mimicking the sky while, in turn, the buildings mimic one another.

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Food. Seems to be popular in the photography field. I mean, there are entire cookbooks with a picture of food on every page. We want to see what we eat. Some people take it far and think that everybody on Instagram or SnapChat wants to know what they are eating every second of every day. Yes, fruit can look really pretty on a plate. Also, let me just take a photo of this billion dollar caviar. We get it. Congrats. I took this photo because I loved the lighting/shadows and the minimalistic feel. The dish looks simple which is why things like arrangement were important. When I took this photo, I stepped on top of the chair to get the angle. Did I probably look crazy to guests around me? Definitely. But, I wanted to capture the simplicity of it all. The brown showing up on the table, the bread, and the hot chocolate. The wood complementing the subtly designed plates. Everything was so simple.

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This photo, it is blurry. But, that doesn’t mean that it is a bad photo. When you look at the photo, it seems distraught. But, it represents the anxiousness and busyness of city traffic. I mainly took this photo because of the red and beige colors I saw that seemed to complement one another kind of like red and yellow complement each other on the color wheel. The buildings all seemed to go to one focal point in the middle which represented every driver’s objective. A focal point that led to a restaurant, some park, a theater, and home.

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While riding a subway, I took this photo in the middle of the aisle. It reminded me of an image from an aged movie. There are a series of differing colors from the seats to the passengers’ clothes. In situations where I am taking photos in a public space, it can be a bit awkward when people are looking. But, I think it is only awkward if you make it awkward. I also knelt down to take this photo which makes it so I was able to capture the length of the riders rather than taking the photo over their heads.

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Yes. Another street photo. Unlike the first photo, though, there are barely any cars and the mood is different. The lightness of the image brings a calming almost silent feel. I was drawn to the turn signals painted on the street. It shows possibility. The buildings again produce a focal point that guides the viewer to the middle of the photo.

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All the photos listed in this blog are my own. They were intentionally captured to say something. Something. Interesting.

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