My Photography Part II

During this past week, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Georgia. Whilst there, I took photos. Get excited about a second photography blog. I visited various places and met amazing people.

First off, let me tell you how much I appreciate smog, particularly, in cities. Reason being, they hide how high the buildings reach, so, it’s really up to your own discretion how tall the building are. Looking at the photo, it almost looks as if someone drew a bunch of buildings and decided to erase the top. Smog brings this sense of unknowingness which I can really appreciate. I did minimal edits on this photo, but, I did lower the brightness and altered the contrast to make the smog more distinguishable and to help illustrate that rainy day. The photo also gives me some old school vibes.

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The next photo is one that I took inside of a market place. Essentially, it was a huge building with a bunch of food places inside. An overwhelming amount of options. While walking around, I came across this cookie dough vendor. I loved the high rising shelves with a bunch of knick knacks. The colors shouted at me. I loved the natural light and the whole aesthetic. I approached the vendor and asked, “Hey, can I take a photo of you?” He kind of shrugged his shoulders with acceptance. Then I asked, “Can you put your arm on the top of the glass counter and place your head in your palm?” At which point he was like, “No.” Okay, cool. Working on automatic mode, which I am trying to do less of, I realized that the bright background was producing a blurry photo where the shelves were completely dark. So, I literally stood there for like 20 minutes adjusting different controls such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  Then, customers started walking in the photo. And, honestly, everything was kind of a mess. But, I wanted to take this photo. After adjusting the controls to the point where the light wasn’t overwhelming and you could actually see the colors in the image, I took the photo. I was extremely happy. It took a lot of trial-and-error. But I stuck with it and learned.

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The next photo was in the same market place. I got a lot of inspiration from that market place. The different food places, stores, exposed brick, colored glass, the natural light, everything, everything, was like a photographer’s dream. While walking, I came across a large open space where people were just chilling on their laptops, drinking coffee, and chatting with others. It was really nice. I saw this woman sitting by herself and saw an awesome photo opportunity where she was just sitting, working, and right next to this solid, rustic wall with large windows. However, I started walking away towards the nearby staircase because I couldn’t just take a photo of this woman. I mean, it was pretty silent in this open space and everyone would hear the shutter of my camera. So, I started walking. As I was about descend the staircase, I was thinking, man, that was a really great photo opportunity. Then, I realized, that I was only holding myself back. I pulled myself to approach this stranger and asked if I may take her photo. She was like, “What are you going to do with the photo?” Valid question. Not having really any place for my photography besides this blog and my camera, I wasn’t really sure how to respond. I just said my portfolio and she agreed to have her photo taken. I took three photos of her and thanked her. This is the result.

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I love this photo because of the colors. The washed wall, the light beige sweater, the cafe cup holder, the pale outside. The simplicity generates calmness. I also like how you can see what is outside. The bare tree amplified the sense of solitude that this woman sitting alone evoked. The only issue that I see when asking to take strangers’ photos is that they start to pose. For instance, the woman in the photo wasn’t really smiling when I approached her, but, in this particular photo, she is. Strangers, and anyone naturally, wants any photo of them to be nice, unless they intentionally are being funny. So, you commonly hear, get my good side or wait a sec while I change my position, posture, hair, etc. Then what is produced are candid photos that you’re unable to decipher if they are really candid or not. That’s a pet peeve of mine. Candid photos that aren’t really candid. Which is why I can appreciate street photography. Who wants to take a photo after someone says, everyone let’s laugh?

This next photo is one that I took in Senoia which is the town where the show “The Walking Dead” is filmed. The photo is out of focus. I know. But, for some reason, it makes it really unique, as if it were taken out of a 1989 magazine. Don’t ask me why I chose 1989. The colors seem to want to compete which each other, but, kind of help one another stand out in the end. You can’t really see the detail in the people or the signs, with the exception of the “Antique” sign which mimics that aged feel this photo is giving. I also think that the mint building color with the pink from the tree in the distance are unique.

This Town
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The whole photography process was pretty fun because it took a lot of creativity and being able to find uniqueness in the places, people, and things I saw.

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