Promises & Corn Flakes

At some point in our lives, we have all had someone promise us something and not follow through. And there we are. With no direction, no signal, no plan, nothing. We expected something that didn’t even happen, and that can suck. Then you start blaming yourself for having high hopes. Why? Because someone flaked out on you?

The way people value words is different. Some people talk just to talk without being aware of the repercussions such as a broken heart, falsified hope, and the losing of trust. It gets me when people say “Don’t take it to heart,” because it literally translates to “I’m insensitive, lack any empathy, and could care less on how what I am about to say affects you.” If someone promises you something and doesn’t follow through, do you want to be treated like that? Then you start contemplating giving them another chance. I see this a lot with acquaintances and friends. Acquaintances are the ones that call/text you rarely, and when they do, they emphasize how they really want to grab lunch or coffee, but, they never make the time to do it. I have seen some of the busiest people make time for others. Because, they prioritized having those interactions. However, ask yourself, do I really want to be someone’s second option, plan B, or that go-to-person they hang out with only when they are bored and have nothing better to do? Or, do I want a friend? Someone who is there for you whether by phone, FaceTime, or in person to converse with you, laugh with you, cry with you, someone who actually cares about you and makes time for you. Shocking. I know.

One way to overcome this problem of empty promises is to care less. I know. Doesn’t exactly sound that great. But, caring less on whether or not people stay true to their word, takes the responsibility off your shoulders of having to rely on other people. For instance, if someone tells you that they will go to an event with you on a Friday night and then cancel last minute, this is your chance to prep a face mask, put on your favorite movie, light a candle, and watch your favorite movie. The less you let other people’s bad qualities affect you, the more you focus on yourself. Your plans should not be dictated by what other people promise you. And, when plans fall through because they flaked out on you like corn flakes, take it as an opportunity to do something else such as practicing self-care, completing projects, or spending time with people that actually want to spend time with you. Don’t dwell on unreliable individuals. I have seen people wait by their phones waiting for people to respond to their texts about potentially hanging out. Don’t. Create your own plans. And. If you want. Invite people to join along.



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