Propelling Water

The sound water makes as it approaches is a lot like a propeller. Almost like soft static getting louder as it nears. It’s interesting how different things can remind us of other things. Forces you to flashback to the time where you thought someone was someone else and you confidently said “hi” only to find out it was a mistake. I’m sorry. Moving on. Even a scent can remind us of someone. Which, is crazy to think about because it is like saying, some mass produced perfume that was probably prepared in a factory somewhere in the world reminds me of my second cousin. This can happen also with people. Other people can remind us of other people and prompts us to reminisce on certain interactions we had with that person. Have you ever thought about naming something, such as a pet, and people start giving you suggestions and one name sticks out and you say, “No, I know a [person’s name], and I don’t like them, so, I’m not going to call my dog that.” I know, getting over that eight year old who stole your PB&J sandwich in elementary school can be difficult. But, sometimes these memories aren’t so bad. Like someone who says that they are looking for a wife that has similar attributes as their mother, such as honesty, trust, and loyalty.

We are also reminded about certain things through music. Like hearing a really sad song and letting it remind you of that time when you cried in the pouring rain. Although, I’m pretty sure that’s how every romance movie goes, so, it may not actually be your memory. There is an image that can appear, a feeling we can acquire, or a mindset we can take on when we hear a particular song, as if we were going back to that same moment when we originally heard it. A.K.A. at 11:30 p.m. in a car. Queues couples at weddings that dance to songs that remind them of when they had their first dance, first kiss, etc. Again, also seen in romance movies. Let me change gears.

The similarities we see in the world is our way of trying to make things we’re not used to seem familiar. This helps bring a level of comfort and recognition that allows us approach certain situations or meet other people. But, it’s important to not only stick with what we find is similar. For instance, someone may remind you of your brother, but, they are not exactly like your brother. (Inserts clip of the latest Maury show where a DNA test reveals that you are indeed related. I didn’t know, okay!) You can’t generalize similarities or simply focus on them, because the differences are what make everything unique. Maybe that person laughs differently or has different interests than your brother, because, they are their own person. So, treat them that way and don’t try to force them to fit this predetermined image you had in mind based on what you know.

This also relates to not sticking to only what you know. Please don’t order a turkey sandwich at every restaurant because it is something that you always get and something that is familiar to you. Venture out, try new things. Unless, of course, you want everything to be the same. Then, stick to it! Like pouring water can remind us of propellers, so too can a lot of things. But, you have to be open to your interpretations and how you perceive the world around you.

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