I think a lot of times, people are shocked by betrayal. We think we know someone, but realize that they actually don’t know us and how their actions and words would make us feel. Betrayal can feel like what people describe as a back stabbing moment, and, for some, it can come as a surprise. Whether your best friend stopped talking to you or someone cheated on you, you feel as though the trust you had with that person has been vandalized. You can no longer recognize the person you thought you had a solid understanding of, and then you question where in the course of your relationship should you have picked up some hints that the betrayal would occur. But sometimes, there is no clear clue or even a real reasoning why betrayal occurred, which, can be hard because it means that you don’t have the answers. However, sometimes the reasoning and the harsh intentionality of why betrayal occurred can make it even more difficult to swallow. But, I think that the people who try to put you down, or “backstab you” so to say, can only do enough damage if you allow them to. And if you can’t and find yourself being particularly crushed by their words or actions, it doesn’t mean you are weak. If you learn from these moments and see how you could react differently, it will prepare you for any betrayal that may occur again (although, hopefully, that does not happen). We can only be strong after we have struggled a bit. Struggled to forgive, struggled to admit fault, struggled to realize that true colors exist and that you may find that out about someone only after they have done you harm. Learning from situations, even in moments of betrayal, will help humble you and help you realize that even though you may think you know someone, sometimes, they may not know you.

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