This Day and Age

People claim that millennials are technology ridden individuals with nothing better to do than take photos of their food. Ouch. I will agree that technology has influenced millennials and all generations to a certain extent. One way is obviously via social media. Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, are all just a few platforms where individuals express themselves and share their day to day with others. However, there has kind of been a shift in how millennials and individuals in Generation Y and Generation Alpha are viewing these social media platforms. Take for instance Facebook, which people are now claiming is going to be MySpace. It was great at the start, but, does anyone really even go on it anymore? Yes. The answer is yes. You’re welcome. However, people don’t interact on this platform as much as they used to. Why? Because they just use it to view what other people are doing or are up to. Maybe the occasional search of someone they went to school with in elementary. But, besides that, people don’t want to make their activity on this site too present. For example, an individual may have thousands of friends, like, legitimately, 2,389 friends. Why so exact Jasmine? Well, why not? But, then that person only gets like 25 likes on their most recent profile picture. This can get to that person because literally 1% of their friends online liked their photo. People can feel a little disappointed or even insecure. But, in all reality, a large majority of friends on any social media platform really only like news where someone graduated, got engaged, got married, or had a baby. Anddddd, perhaps, the occasional getting a new job. People are often there for the big moments, but, could care less about the drawing you did or the fact that you checked into a restaurant. However, people’s responses shouldn’t downplay anything. Just because you didn’t get many likes does not mean that you are not liked. Unfortunately, social media allows people to be either crueler versions of themselves or versions of themselves where they are too cool to like or comment on anything. Don’t let it affect you, at least, don’t let if affect you too much. Keep doing what you’re doing because you don’t need validation from the thousands or ten friends, followers, or subscribers you have. If you love posting selfie pictures everyday, go ahead, continue posting them. If you really love doodling, go ahead, keep posting them. If you love to dance, go ahead, upload a video. If you love your pet, go ahead, another dog photo would just make it a collection. You don’t have to be insecure by the lack of likes, comments, or shares. Because if you like you and like what you are doing, well, at least that is one person.

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