When you think of potential, you may think mass x gravity x height. That’s if you love physics of course. Sorry, wrong blog post. It’s safe to say that a lot of people realize potential in others more than they do themselves. Things like reach for the stars or you can be anything in the world don’t even seem to crack through the facade of doing okay that you’ve built for yourself. The reason why a lot of people don’t realize the potential in themselves is because they are too consumed by insecurities to get past them. It’s like having to go through so many walls like, I’m not great, I’m not attractive enough, I’m not funny enough, I’m not… But, what are you then? A self-depreciating person in the corner of a room playing some 80’s song on a vinyl with a bunch of scratches on it? I hope not. When you constantly see what you are not capable of, you forget what you are capable of and how you have strengths and skills. It’s easy to imagine this glass ceiling that you are not able to crack through. Duh. Because it’s made of Plexiglas. And through that ceiling, you see other people’s successes, you see other people’s achievements, you see other people. But, if the sun hits the glass just right, you see an image of yourself, and for some people, that may equate to seeing nothing. I can go on and on about how you are worth it, how you will do great in your next interview, how following your dreams is the way to go, I can tell you all of these words of encouragement, frankly because WordPress is not Twitter, hence, there is no character count. But, you have to believe it first. If you continue to let your insecurities and your fears stop you from doing what you love, you won’t move. You will be stuck in that same corner I mentioned before. So that WAS you?!? Start putting your goals into action. If you want to move up in a company, take the stairs. If you want to ask somebody out, ask Siri the question first. If you want to be fit, get a FitBit. These are just comical ways to say: do it. You have so much potential energy. You know, if you’re like sitting or something. Sorry, wrong post. But, convert that into kinetic energy and actually go out and do whatever makes you happy. Whether that is helping others, inspiring others, or becoming a better version of yourself, go out and do it.

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