dance // a poem

I was going to write a blog about dance. In the midst of the draft, I left it and thought to do something fun. When I was in middle school/primary school, my language arts teacher said that we had a writing assignment. She went on Google and clicked on a random word generator. My two random words were big toe. So, I wrote a paper on a big toe. My teacher liked it so much, she asked if I would share it with the class. So, I did. The class laughed at the funny writing style and I really loved the entire process.

Last night, for fun, I went to Google and typed in random word generator. The first set of random words, I wrote a poem about. About to fall asleep, I decided to click on the random word generator one more time. My next set of words: dance, optimal. So, here is a bit of the poem I wrote.

Dance Poem

How fitting.

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