Yesterday, I drew a lot. In Costa Rica, I attend a university mainly for students interested in the arts. Technical degrees range from architecture to digital animation to product design. What am I doing here? I am taking two classes, one is to learn Spanish for health professionals and the other is to learn about... Continue Reading →

Blog One

Hi. How are you? I know that this question may catch you by surprise. Hopefully you’ve played baseball before. My name is Jasmine. If you ever forget, just remember the Jasmine flower, rice, the movie Aladdin, and the name of some convenient stores. By now, you should have picked up on my style within a... Continue Reading →

Manuel Antonio

The time I saw a monkey in Costa Rica was with no fence, no separating glass, and no zoo keeper. I know. Crazy. Welcome to Manuel Antonio. Whenever I would tell my Tica family and my professor that I was going to Manuel Antonio, they ensured that I would have a great time there. I... Continue Reading →

Days in Costa Rica

I've never had three roommates. So, when I was told that I would have three roommates in a house with already seven family members, I was are we all going to fit? To say that Costa Rica has the best addresses is an interesting statement. 100 meters to the right of a mango tree... Continue Reading →

Volcano Arenal

When I was told that we were going to the Volcano Arenal, I imagined getting to the top and being close to the edge of the mouth of the volcano. Yeah, not exactly what I imagined. But, it was still a great experience. On the second day of arriving at the Volcano Arenal, my roommates,... Continue Reading →

El Mercado Central

El Mercado Central reminded me of one of the central markets I have seen on international travel shows. Crowded with exotic choices. When I entered, I was in the midst of a crowd moving forward. Wanting to take a bird's eye view photo, I lifted my arms above my head and with my camera in... Continue Reading →

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